UC 7 Visual

A new teaser for the final episode of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn was streamed on Gundam.info on 22 February 2014 along with the key visual on the Gundam Unicorn official website. The last we saw Banagher and crew, the Nahel Argama were forced in co-operating with the Sleeves in mutual benefit to avoid the onslaught of the Vist Foundation. Aboard the Nahel Argama, the final coordinates of Laplace’s Box was revealed and tensions were getting high. In the end, both parties decided to split off and head towards Industrial 7.

This latest teaser features a recap of the Second Coming of Char, Full Frontal. We also finally get a sneak peek of Full Frontal’s newest mobile armor, the NZ-999 Neo Zeong!

As you can see, the Neo Zeong is a 116m tall hulking monster of a mecha with the Sinanju as it’s core. It has design aesthetics similar to that of older Zeon mobile armors like the Alpha Azieru and of course, the original Zeong which I really liked alot! However, I would think the Neo Zeong would have looked even better if it had the ornate Sleeves design, but it is reasonable seeing that Full Frontal is probably in a rush in the finale. I also noticed that the design number “NZ-999” feels like a contrast to the Unicorn’s “RX-0” as if it was the final battle of the Alpha and Omega, one last swansong to send off the early Universal Century era!

I have really high hopes for episode 7 of Gundam Unicorn and from what we’ve seen so far it doesn’t seem to disappoint, and I’m sure you guys are just as excited as I am! Now if only Bandai would announce a Gunpla version of the Neo Zeong now!

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Episode 7: Over the Rainbow is scheduled for release on 17 May 2014.