Recently an interesting topic has been making rounds in the Japanese twitter-base. Many tweeters have been attempting to one up each other to create the weakest Gundam in existence. The hashtag in question would be “The person that creates the weakest Gundam is the winner” (#一番弱そうなガンダムを開発した人が優勝)!

Now Let’s take a look at some of the most pitiful and weakest Gundam that pushes the boundaries of imaginations for all mecha fans!






Even famous mecha designer Masami Obari decided to join in on the fun by drawing his version of one of the entries! I must say it actually looks pretty strong for a weak Gundam! I would love to see that animated or maybe make a guest appearance in some future series!


More can be seen here: Twitter

So which of these do you think deserve to win the title of Weakest Gundam? Or do you have an idea to put up a challenge of your own? Feel free to share your own weakest Gundam challenger if you do have one!