It was announced recently that Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd. would tie up with Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn to bring a special train service for a limited time, the “Second Coming of Red Comet Limited Express Rapi:t Neo Zeon Version“.

This special Rapi:t train will be available on the Nankai Line and the Airport Line to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Airport Line’s opening and the Limited Express Rapi:t. On the May 26 2014, an opening ceremony was conducted for the first day of its operations at Namba station

A large crowd attended the ceremony and they were hoping to catch the first glimpse of the red Rapi:t train. The legendary voice of Char Aznable and Full Frontal, Shuichi Ikeda also graced the event. Along with the tape-cutting on the platform, the very first painted sample of the enormous HGUC Neo Zeong was unveiled!

Here’s a short clip of the goings of the event.

Mr Ikeda was pretty shocked at the large size of the Neo Zeong gunpla!

Before the tape cutting event could proceed, famous Char impersonator Numacchi made a surprise appearance as Full Frontal at the event! As you can see, the entire train is designed from the ground up with all new Neo Zeon livery!

Mr. Ikeda also received a giant “Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn × Limited Express Rapi:t Memorial Express Ticket” from Nankai Electric Railway Railway Operations Manager Mr Tetsuro Kanemoto.


During the course of the operations, the train’s livery will be in Neo Zeon red, with reserved seats for Mineva Zabi, Angelo Sauper and Full Frontal! The train does not move three times faster unfortunately.

As mentioned earlier, the Gundam Unicorn x Limited Express Rapi:t Neo Zeon train will be operating through the Airport Line and the Nankai Main Line from April 26th to June 30th.


The train does look like it has a Zaku face if you look carefully, which makes it really cool! Unfortunately, I will not have the opportunity to make a trip on the Neo Zeon rapi:t as I will not be in Japan during this period. If any of you readers are making a trip to Japan during this period, I hope you get to enjoy the Neo Zeon rapi:t train! Sieg Zeon!

Video: Kyodo News, Osakatour20XX