One day after the first two press confereces at E3 2014, Nintendo once again opted to have a digital event similar to last year. While it may be shorter than the other two, it is equally as filled with contents which not only were shown in their digital event but over the course of the next 2 days.  Here’s what’s new with Nintendo this year!

First off we have the very popular Super Smash Brothers games for 3DS and WiiU! Three characters were announced during the course of the E3 days. The first new character is Palutena from Kid Icarus, Pac Man makes a surprise entrant as the second and the last character is your Miis! Now you can turn yourself or any other person into a fighter in the game, sounds really cool! Here are the trailers for all three new characters.

Release date: 3 October for 3DS and Q4 for WiiU

A new title based off the Toad character from the Mario series was announced. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. It is a game similar in style to the Super Mario 3D World game from last year as you play as Captain Toad exploring for various treasures. While he cannot jump, you have a variety of tricks to navigate the areas and get the treasures!

Release date: Holiday 2014

The next title is the new The Legend of Zelda game for WiiU! Producer Eiji Aonuma has said that this Zelda title will be an open world experience where players can explore any direction they wish. There will be few restrictions though and there will still be powerful monsters they will have to take caution while adventuring.

Release date: Unknown

One of the already known WiiU exclusive titles was shown too with Platinum Games’ Bayonetta 2. It was revealed that the original Bayonetta will be included in the package as well. And to add, they can dress Bayonetta up with costumes of Nintendo characters such as Princess Peach, Link or Samus in the WiiU port of Bayonetta. Some of her hair attacks will have Nintendo variations too like Bowser’s foot.

Release date: October 2014

Next up is Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, the remakes of Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire for the Nintendo 3DS. Just like the original game, you will travel through Hoenn to catch, battle and trade Pokémon while they seek answers to the mystery behind Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre and their relations to Mega Evolutions.

Release date: 21 November 2014 for 3DS

Here’s an interesting collaboration between Nintendo and Koei Tecmo, Hyrule Warriors! Taking the expansive lore of The Legend of Zelda and giving it a Dynasty Warriors spin to it. You’ll have multiple battles going on at the same time with multiple bosses around the area, and you’ll have to find ways to take them down! One player can play on the TV while the other plays with the GamePad!

Release date: 26 September 2014

A new Kirby game was announced as well, and that is Kirby and the Rainbow Curse for Wii U. It is set in a stop motion clay world with mechanics from the Nintendo DS title Kirby’s Canvas Curse. You control Kirby with the stylus while doing motions as a form of movement, offense and even defense!

Release date: 2015

The sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles was also shown. Formely the game titled X, Xenoblade Chornicles X is coming to WiiU in 2015. A group of survivors of an intergalactic war remain on Earth and have to fend themselves in the environment. The game is a JRPG with high production values and its soundtrack is being composed by famous Gundam UC and Attack on Titan composer Hiroyuki Sawano.

Release date: 2015

A new IP was shown during the event too. In Splatoon, players takes charge of a cartoon girl with an inkgun that can change into a squid. It’s a 4 v4 multiplayer game where players fight to take out the enemies and coat the map as much as possible with their ink.  You change between squid form and girl form while coating the map with your Ink. You have an advantage while standing on your Ink whereas you suffer a penalty with slower movement while on the enemy’s Ink.

Release date: Early 2015

Ever wanted to make your own Mario stage? Now you can with Mario Maker for WiiU. You can design your own side-scrolling stages while swapping between 8-bit Super Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros. graphics. Everything is made via the WiiU gamepad so make your own Mario stage!

Release date: 2015

Another new Nintendo exclusive was unveiled was Tomonobu Itagaki’s Devil’s Third for WiiU. After THQ went bankrupt he went around to find a new publisher and Nintendo stepped up. Movement and melee are done in third person while shooting is in first person. There’s dismemberment and wall running in the game too. The game has a level editor as well.

Release date: 2014

Yoshi’s Woolly World, the new yarn-themed adventure starring Yoshi, is a new Yoshi title with a co-op mode. In the game, you go around collecting little chicks and clearing the stage. The chicks can be used as projectiles or platforms for self defense or traversing a dangerous path with ease.

Release date: Early 2015

Three new titles are being made for the WiiU and they are spearheaded by legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto focusing on making games that uses the WiiU and the GamePad at the same time.  The first one is an all-new Star Fox title. In the Star Fox title, you can use the GamePad to aim and shoot at the enemies on the TV screen.

The second title is Project Giant Robot. You control the giant robot with the entire GamePad. The It can be used as a first person view as well, firing lasers and whatnot. Your robot is customisable to suit your style of play and the overall game is pretty simple.

The last title is Project Guard where you have 12 camera screens on your TV and an overhead map on your GamePad. You have to protect your base by removing incoming threats through all your different cameras. It requires focus on both screens by the player which makes it challenging.

Release date: Not known

And that is it for Nintendo’s digital event. I was really impressed with what they have to offer this time round, a good balance of Nintendo’s famous powerhouses, new third party exclusives and all new IP. I may just have to get a WiiU after this!

What do you guys feel about Nintendo’s event? Share your thoughts below!