Recently, Bandai has announced an entirely new Gundam title that combines trading cards – browser game.

This new Gundam game is set to release for the entire world and it is called Gundam Duel Company! This new Gundam game is not just a PC title but it is also coming to smartphones and tablets or anywhere with a suitable browser!

So what exactly is Gundam Duel Company?

As you know, GDC is a new browser Gundam game where you form a mobile suit squad from a selection of Gundam series.

But before we can start battling, we will need to get the mobile suits first. This is where the trading card function comes to play, you can buy card sets from your respective retailers and then register the code in game or scan the QR code to make your suit available for battle. The cards will also come in different rarities, so getting the rarest cards possible, might help you win more battles and unlocking higher ranks.


Now that you have your mobile suits in the game, its time to do battle!

The game will allow players from all over the world to battle with each other. I did hear there is no restriction when making a squad so I’m definitely making a classic Zaku and Gundam squad! As of current, you can choose to do 1v1 quick battles, 32v32 Encampment Mode team battles or over 100 player Specialised Tournament modes for really larger scale battles, and more will be coming as the game gets updated!


You have a 3×3 square grid to place your mobile suits where they will either use short, middle or long range attacks so its necessary to plan your squads properly to maximise your chance of winning!  You can also use special pilot abilities called Command Ability to give yourself the extra edge you need to win or use Platoon Rotation to switch around your mobile suits if you’re in a dire situation!


Before the game is officially launched, the beta will be released sometime in July. In the meantime, you can get the special pre-constructed Version 0 Decks from four different factions (Earth Federation, Zeon, Gundam 00, Gundam Seed) to give yourself the head start which will come with even more rare cards if you get 2 or 4 sets of the Version 0 Deck.

Also, if you pre-register now, you will get a special rare Guncannon (Unit 1o8) digital card added to your collection when the beta starts.


This new Gundam title seems like an fun interesting game, I’m definitely going to give it a try when its out, hope to challenge or fight alongside some of you guys soon!

Source: Gundam Duel Company official Website