The Mobile Suit Gundam series has an astounding amount of titles in all the different kinds of media, and video games is one of them. Being a franchise with one of the highest licensed titles in terms of games, there’s just too many to choose from. Let’s say you know your time is coming, and you’re going to go Beyond the Time pretty soon, here’s the 5 must play titles before you turn into a Newtype Ghost!


5: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 (PS3/Xbox 360)

From the long line of titles in the Dynasty Warriors series, the Dynasty Warriors Gundam (DWG) is at number 5 with DWG3! The third title in the series was the most unique in the entire franchise. With an all new cel-shaded design and a huge roster of mobile suits and pilots available, you really feel like you are piloting a Gundam unit and destroying everything in your path in this game. The game also has a unique story mode where characters from all the different universes are split into 4 factions to find the truth in that universe! I really like the Dynasty Warriors franchise and it seems like a natural fit with Gundam with its 1 vs 1000 game system.

4: SD Gundam G Generation OverWorld (PSP)

The SD Gundam series has long been a mainstay title of the Gundam franchise. Its most recent title G-Generation OverWorld is the best iteration of the entire series so far. With a roster of mobile suits and pilots from almost every single Gundam media ever, it is definitely a dream for the ultimate Gundam fan! The game has missions based off scenarios from the original series with another series’ scenario crossing over halfway through it making for a really cool alternate world retelling! The main plot of the game is really interesting as well with their own uniquely cool mobile suits. Form your own team of pilots and mobile suits from all the universes!

3: Mobile Suit Gundam: The One Year War (PLAYSTATION 2)

If you ever wanted to play through the One Year War in game form, MSG: TOYW is the best title to experience it. While the game only focuses on the OYW, it feels almost as if it is a perfect companion to the original Mobile Suit Gundam. With a solid gameplay system on land and in space, as well as retelling the OYW in a way that suits the game best, this game is definitely a must try for all Gundam fans! The game is the most dated title in this list, but I’m sure dedicated fans will find a way to give it a try!

2: Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost (ARC/PS3)

Another title in this list from a long line of games, Gundam Extreme Vs Full Boost is one of the newer iterations of the Gundam Vs Series. This title has little to no plot being a 2v2 fighting game, but that is the actual charm of the title. Spanning a huge roster of mobile suits from the TV and OVAs and some game and manga series, it is well loved for its fast-paced action that is perfect for a fighting game. Many players all over Japan can be seen playing it every day at arcades or online to prove themselves as the best fighter! This being a 2v2 title, playing with a friend is the utmost important in planning strategies and winning battles!

1: Mobile Suit Gundam: Senjou no Kizuna (ARC)

Arguably the must play Gundam title before you become a Newtype Ghost is Mobile Suit Gundam: Senjou no Kizuna! What makes this stand out from the rest of the list here is that the entire action takes place in a cockpit, making this the most realistic Gundam simulator out there. The screens have all sorts of information coming to you in realtime, mimicking that of a Gundam cockpit so you feel the tension while playing too. The game uses joysticks as controls to add to the realism factor.  You get to play against other players around Japan, so there is added challenge to it! Playing the game isn’t cheap but Senjou no Kizuna is the closest you’ll ever get to pilot a Gundam (for now), so it is a definitely a MUST-PLAY if you do go to Japan! (or Hong Kong and Taiwan!)


And there you have the 5 most important Gundam games you must play before you join Lalah as an Newtype Ghost! Is there any other game you think is better than the ones in the list share below?