Fans of GRANRODEO are in for a treat when  GraP & RodeO,  an anime inspired by GRANRODEO, graces the small screens on October. The story begins with RodeO, a high school boy who dreams to become a rock star someday. He is voiced by Granrodeo’s lead vocalist and seiyuu extraordinaire, Kishou “KISHOW” Taniyama ( Ryoma Sakamoto in Bakumatsu Rock ). One day, RodeO is visited by a strange creature that claims to be music producer from the future, GraP, voiced by Hiroki Konno, a member of the King of Comedy duo. GraP boldly tells RodeO that he can make his dream of becoming a rock star come true. Can GraP work his magic and make RodeO a rock star? Joining Kishou Taniyama are cast members Yuusuke Katayama, a member of Hikarigoke comedy duo, playing dual roles, as RodeO’s friend, Tanpan and also as RodeO’s mother. Aya Saito will play as the series’ heroine. Further episodes will include Masaaki Iizuka ( also known as “e-ZUKA” of  GRANRODEO) in his first-ever seiyuu role.

In an interview for Animate news, Kishou Taniyama talked about his feeling of having an anime about them. He said that he felt thankful now that they will have a chance to broaden the reach of GRANRODEO. They’ll become more recognizable than ever before. e-ZUKA, on the other hand, dishes out on his first experience as a seiyuu. He had some second doubts on how he had portrayed the character and said that he might not have projected his character that well. He admired KISHOW for all the work he has done so far . He said that after this he thinks he might not even appear in future episodes (笑).

BS Fuji channel will carry the series as part of the Rodeo Club~season II, the second season of GRANRODEO’s very own television program. Producing partner,Lantis, will carry the show on its official Youtube channel so fans can enjoy the series online. Opening and ending theme credits will be performed by GRANRODEO’s guitarist, e-ZUKA .

News and Image Source:  Animate, GRANRODEO Official Website