May’n (pronounced as “main”), affectionately called as “buchou” by her fans, has been hogging the limelight since her debut back in 2005. We got to know more of her when she did the singing voice of Sheryl Nome for the anime Macross Frontier .

She captivated our hearts with her sultry voice when we heard her sing live on her first overseas performance for AFA back in 2008. Now, having a sold-out concert at Nippon Budokan and hit singles back to back, May’n is now a force to reckon with.

Having been to Singapore more than a few times, she considers Singapore as her second home. Brimming with confidence, she chided that “Ok lah!” is one of the few Singlish words she’d learned here. Among the Singapore food that she thinks is delicious is char kway teow but the food that will missed the most is roti prata, a food you can’t easily find in Japan.

She recently has been studying English and Chinese.  For her Dots and Lines 2014 concert in Taiwan, Shanghai and Guangzhou , she did a cover song for Jay Chou’s “Snail”. She shared that while learning the song she just listen to Jay Chou’s music to help her overcome pronunciation problems.  She’s been active in social networking sites, with amebloweibo, Twitter, and Instragram account, that she updates herself.  She uses English whenever possible to connect to her fans.In more ways than one, she wants to have a friendly exchange with her fans all over the globe. After all, her fans have always been her source of inspiration.

During the festival, May’n not only performed on the I Love Anisong Stage , but also roamed the festival hall. She took part in the AFA Future Entertainment Stage leading her juniors at Horipro.  With fans cheering her on “May’n! May’n”  as she performed onstage, May’n gave it her all and rocked the night away.

AFACHAN had the pleasure of getting to know more of  May’n in this short interview. Check out this video clip.

This year  is  May’n‘s 10th Anniversary.  You’ve come a long way!  We are very proud of you, Buchou!

Official website: May’n JP
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/mayn_tw
Official Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MaynOfficial

Watch out more of May’n as she takes a new stage this year for AFATH’s I love Anisong 2015.