Hatsune Miku
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Virtual diva , Hatsune Miku, will grace The Late Show with David Letterman with her presence.  Having been introduced to American audiences through past concerts such as Anime Expo 2011 and acting as the opening act for Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP Ball tour, she now invades small screens with her exemplary charm as a guest performer on one of the most well-known talk shows in the US. This time she will be sharing vocaloid music with the millions of mainstream viewers of The Late Show in her appearance on 8 October 2014.

Hatsune Miku will also be in a series of concerts in New York and Los Angeles for MikuExpo. She is set to perform 3D Live Concerts at NOKIA Theatre in Los Angeles on 11 -12 October 2014, and at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York on 17-18 October 2014.

Singapore had the privilege of being Hatsune Miku’s first overseas gig when she was invited to perform on stage for AFA on 21 November 2009. It was followed by a special appearance for AFA X on 13 November 2010. The following year, she successfully staged a one-night concert on 11 November 2011.

Miku Expo 2014 officially kicked off  in Indonesia at the Jakarta Convention Center on 28-29 May 2014.

Image and News Source: MikuExpo