We have a great spread of Gunpla and Bandai models ahead of us for the month of September. To kick off the month we have a unique SD kit, a new début from Patlabor: The Next Generation, and the début model from Gundam: Reconguista in G. And to top this off we have another début of a long awaited Mobile Suit in an entirely new line!

6th September 2014

SD Gundam BB Senshi No.394 Unicorn Gundam Unit 3 Phenex


Sporting a nice gold finish is the Unicorn Gundam Unit 3 Phenex from the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Odaiba attraction,  now in SD form!

Its feature gimmick would be the 2 Armed Armor DE attached to its backpack with the special joint created for this purpose. It can also transform between Unicorn and Destroy modes! It also has stickers with eyes and without. The psychoframe parts are molded in clear blue as well!

1/48 Type 98 Ingram


From the new Patlabor: The Next Generation movie series comes the 1/48 scaled Ingram. It has new seal vinyl parts for the joints as well as the gold plated logo. All of the joints have a great level of articulation, the central hatched can be opened and it also has a cockpit included as well. The Revolving Cannon and the electromagnetic baton is also reproduced in this kit.

13th September 2014

REBORN-ONE HUNDRED 1/100 Nightingale


The new gunpla category REBORN-ONE HUNDRED is born, sporting a highly detailed exterior and refined parts arrangement.

The first model in the line is the highly long awaited Nightingale from Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack: Beltorchika’s Children. Its massive skirt, propellant tanks, various verniers and its rear have been reproduced with high details. All these are made with a Master Grade level of molding and historical research incorporated into it.

It is also spots a frameless design incorporating wedge gates as well as a culmination of technologies from gunpla so far leading to a significantly reduced building time while still retaining the quality!

HGUC 1/144 Z II


An upgraded version of the Zeta Gundam, the MSZ-008 ZII, a longtime side story Mobile Suit design most recently seen in the PS3 game Mobile Suit Gundam: Side Stories gets the HGUC treatment! It has replaceable parts to display it in Waverider form and both forms can be displayed on a display base.

All of its weapons are newly made parts and its Mega Beam Rifle can use the beam saber effect part just like the Zeta Gundam.

Mega Lucario vs Mega Blaziken Set (Let’s Pokerama!)


A recommended model kit for beginners, it features papercraft effect parts and a background board which you build up to create an awesome battle scene! A special stand for Mega Lucario and Mega Blaziken as well as other effect parts are included! A great starter set for new Pokepla fans!


20th September 2014

HG 1/144 Gundam G-Self (Atmosphere Use Backpack)


The first model kit in the HG Reconguista in G line is the protagonist mobile suit of Gundam: Reconguista in G, it is the Gundam G-Self equipped with the Atmosphere Backpack. It has UV illumination parts used to replicate the Photon armor. It is also equipped with a beam saber, beam rifle and shield.

HG 1/144 Gundam Fenice Rinascita


Ricardo Fellini’s gunpla, the Fenice Rinascita (rebirth) gets a HG model! Originally based off the Wing Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam W, it is upgraded with a new exterior. With a new Bird Mode that uses the new left handed shield part, a Buster Rifle, beam saber and a Buster Rifle Custom it comes with an abundance of weapons. It also has extra customisable joint parts to combine its backpack with other gunpla!


I really love this month’s new model kit releases cause of its huge variety! I may end up getting all of them if I could!

The Nightingale is a definite must for me though, and the Zeta series of mobile suits have always been a personal favourite of mine so the Z II is in my radar as well. Don’t forget that the Gunpla Expo 2014 Singapore leg will be taking place from 10th September 2014, I’ll be heading down on the Saturday so do say hi if you are around!