The detectives from Hamatora have gotten their work cut out for them because during the anime’s “Re:␣Hamatora Fes. 2015 Spring” fan event, it was announced that the brilliant “Minimum Holders” from the Hamatora Detective Agency will be getting their very own anime movie!


Also announced during the event is a new Hamatora spin-off anime series which will feature the lovable characters from the anime as you’ve never seen them before… as cute super-deformed chibi characters!

Fans who attended the event immediately took to social media and announced both the movie and the new SD anime. The official website later backed the announcement with their own official one.


Hamatora is a multimedia project which involves the two-season anime series, a 3DS game, stage plays, and mangas. It revolves around the detective duo of Nice and Murasaki, who do detective work using their “Minimum Holder” powers for their detective agency, Hamatora. They use their powers to fight other “Minimum Holders” who use their powers for evil.

No further details have been announced for either the Hamatora movie or the SD series, however, the event announcement did state that more information will be released in days to come via the anime’s official website.