Fans of the “To Aru” series (which includes Index and its spin-offs, Railgun and Accelerator) may not be getting a third anime season for the main series anytime soon, but they have a reason to celebrate because the anime adaptation for one of series creator Kazuma Kamachi’s other light novel series, Heavy Object, is announced to premiere this autumn


The Heavy Object anime was the final addition to the Kazuma Kamachi 10th anniversary celebrations which included a new light novel, several new figures featuring the characters he created, and a crossover video featuring the various series he has written. Heavy Object is one of the series featured in that very crossover video

Here is the PV for the anime, which was released shortly after it was announced:

The light novel series written by Kamachi and illustrated by Ryou Nagi is set in a war-torn future where a weapon known as “Object” has changed the very face of warfare. It follows a boy named Quanser who meets a girl known as “Elite”, who happens to be the pilot of “Object”.


Kamachi started the series back in 2009 and now has eight volumes currently released.

Source: Dengeki Bunko official