One Punch Man manga fans rejoice! Because after long years of waiting, the action-packed series will finally be getting its own anime adaptation.


The anime was revealed when a leaked magazine scan of the 15th issue of Young Jump Magazine surfaced and announced the TV anime adaptation. The scan also revealed that the cast, staff, and the PV will all be revealed in the Bandai Visual booth during the Anime Japan 2015 event which is happening later this month from 21 – 22 March.


The anime will be based on the best-selling and highly-popular shounen battle manga series by Eyeshield 21 creator, Yuusuke Murata. It revolves around the titular character, One Punch Man, who has trained so hard that his hair fell off and that he can basically solve any problem with just a single punch. Yep, this hero is totally over-powered, and because of this, his victories have become so easy that he has become a little bit too bored already.


The manga Murata is doing is actually based on a web manga of the same name by a mangaka known as ONE. Both ONE and Murata have admitted that they have been quite excited for the anime, with ONE actively participating in the anime’s production meetings. Murata on the other hand almost leaked the anime adaptation via twitter but chose not to.

source: ANN