Yukari Tamura and Nana Mizuki are reprising their iconic roles as Nanoha and Fate once again, however, for this new anime titled Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid, they ain’t the stars as their daughter (Yes, THEIR daughter), Vivio, takes center stage.


The anime’s very first full PV has also been released by Aniplex and it takes a peek at what we might expect in this new Nanoha spin-off.

A new TV ad for the upcoming anime has also been recently aired in Japan and it features a little bit more of Vivio’s doting parents.


I guess she may really make her mamas proud when her very own anime premieres this 4 April. While Yukari Tamura (Nanoha) and Nana Mizuki (Fate) are the biggest names in the cast, the lead is definitely no slouch as Kaori Mizuhashi (Madoka Magica’s Mami) will be voicing Vivio once again. Meanwhile, Mamiko Noto (Hell Girl’s Ai Enma) will be voicing Einhart Stratos.

The anime will be based on Masaki Tsuzuki and Takuya Fujima’s spin-off manga, which takes place four years after the events of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS.