Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin I: had a very successful premiere not only in Japan, but also in several parts of South East Asia as well, and when the movie ended, a new teaser was shown and it is for the second part of the Gundam the Origin series, titled Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin II: Sorrowful Artesia.


The new key visual (seen above) features Casval and Artesia a little bit older than their Blue-eyed Casval versions because the second movie will be set three years after the flashback events of the first movie. The second part will follow Artesia and will show how the two siblings become separated and thus becoming Sayla Mass and the feared Zeon ace, Char Aznable.

The original movie also had a very successful premiere in Japan as crowds gathered just to watch it. In the lobby of Shinjuku Piccadilly, one of the Japanese theaters the premieres were held in, a 1:1 scale model of the head of Char’s legendary Zaku II can be seen. I guess this one’s still three times faster than a normal Zaku…

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Shinjuku Piccadilly also featured a display of Gundam merchandise, including the 1/144 HGUC versions of Char’s Zaku II (Gundam the Origin ver.) and the proto Guntank. Also featured is the Fix Figuration figure of the RX-78-2 Gundam and Megahouse’s Excellent Model RAHDXG.A.NEO Sayla Mass. To those who still haven’t watched the original series, this is what Artesia will grow up to be.

The Shinjuku Piccadilly premiere was also a bit more special than others as it not only featured the 1:1 scale Zaku II head, but it also featured a special program before the movie even began.

Gundam the Origin I director Yasuhiko Yoshikazu, and voice actors Megumi Han (Artesia Deikun), Mayumi Tanaka (Casval Deikun), and Shuichi Ikeda (grown-up Char Aznable) all went on stage to greet the crowd and entertained them with a special program.


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