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A new anime promotional video has just been announced by the team behind the upcoming anime Charlotte (シャーロット) , to be broadcasted on 2 April 2015 during the re-run of the Angel Beats!

Charlotte is produced by  Progressive Animation Works and Aniplex. Jun Maeda, whom is most notable for writing Angel Beats! and many of Key’s classic is once again collaborates with character designer Na-Ga for this project. This would also be Jun Maeda’s first anime work in 5 years after Angel Beats!

The anime’s plot revolves around a tiny fraction going through adolescence with supernatural abilities with Yū Otosaka as the protagonist who has been able to conceal his abilities until an encounter with Nao Tomori from the student council that assists those facing issues arising from their supernatural abilities.

The anime would appear to be centered around a high school, similar to that of Angel Beats!

Backed by a team which boasts great success from their past project, Charlotte most certainly does bring about high expectations. The upcoming PV will definitely be something most anime fans should look forward to!

Source : Charlotte Official Website