The One Piece anime adaptation is about to enter the Dressrosa arc, and to tease fans with this new arc, the One Piece official website has recently released a new key visual image, and it certainly makes things a whole lot more interesting…


The new visual teases what we might expect in this new arc and it features not only Leffy and the Straw Hat Pirates, but also Sabo, Koala, Trafalgar Law, and several Don Quixote family members as well as “Corazon” Rocinante. And speaking of “Corazon” Rocinante, his character visuals were also unveiled, and it was revealed that he will debut in the 29 March episode titled “A Shocking Declaration! Law’s Impetuous Promise!”


The designs for a new devil fruit has also been revealed by the website. This mysterious new devil fruit is called the Op-Op, and it will play a vital role in the upcoming arc.


The cover art for the manga’s upcoming Chapter 77, which is also part of the Dressrosa arc, has also been previewed. It is set for release on 3 April 2015.


Source: Crunchyroll