A new magazine scan from the April 2015 issue of Comptiq magazine has unveiled Type Moon’s latest Saber and this one seems a little bit darker than the others (save of course Saber Alter).


This new, darker, and edgier Saber is named the “Maijin Saber” or “Demon Saber” and based on the artwork, she puts the original Arthuria Pendragon Saber to shame, chest-wise of course.

As Type Moon fans would know, Sabers are the sword-wielding class of heroes found in the Fate series (Fate/ Stay Night, Fate/ Zero, Fate/ Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya, Fate/ Extra, etc). The original Saber, Arthuria Pendragon, has been dubbed as Type Moon’s greatest character franchise with multiple incarnations, spin-offs, and alternate selves of her being created.


Last year, Type Moon co-founder and original Fate/ Stay Night game character designer, Takashi Takeuchi, released a “joke” Saber titled “Saber Sakura” who is a Samurai-type Saber. Though she was introduced as a joke, she became so popular that she even got her own scale figure from Good Smile Company.



No matter what, it looks like this new Saber still has many questions unanswered

What do you guys think of “Maijin Saber”? Who do you think she is? Which country do you think she is from? More details on this new Saber will be revealed when the April issue of Comptiq magazine to be released on 10 March.

Source: 0takomu