After teasing fans with the main heroine (who seems to be another Honoka clone with the orange hair and all) of the Love Live! follow-up project, Love Live! Sunshine!!, Dengeki G’s magazine has unveiled the other heroines for the new project.


The magazine is just teasing fans with the new visual image and still has not announced the names of these heroines yet. Here is a closer look at the girls:


However, the magazine did promise to have a feature on Love Live! Sunshine!! for their May 2015 edition, which will hit news stands in Japan on 30 March 2015. Not much new information has been revealed about this new Love Live! project thus far.


The identities of the girls are still a mystery, however, fans have a few theories on who they really are. While some have just speculated that they are completely new characters, some have theorized that these girls are repackaged non-members of µ‘s featured in the School Idol Festival mobile game.