non non biyori

The second season for NYANPASU! “Non Non Biyori” has revealed their first promotional video. The sequel, “Non Non Biyori Repeat“, will be making its release this coming summer. The second season will ease your daily worries and stresses with the peaceful lives of a few easy-going school girls in a refreshing and carefree countryside village.

This slice of life story takes place in Asahigaoka, a countryside village where lifestyle there is carefree and easy, but lacks conveniences that could be found in the city. A middle school student, Hotaru Ichijou, moves in with her parents from Tokyo and transfers into a school there, where there are only five students. She then meets with the other students, joining them in their daily adventures in the countryside.

NYANPASU actually came from a character Renge Miyauchi. While enjoying the show, viewers were caught by surprise with this greeting and started a trend with it. From using it daily with other people to creating memes and videos.

Do check out season one of “Non Non Biyori” if you have not watched it!