Pacific Racing has recently announced their partnership with Love Live! for both the Super GT and the D-1 Grand Prix. Now, the Japanese racing team has announced that they will be doing another anime collaboration, and this time, it’s with the tank girls of Girls und Panzer


Pacific Racing will be adding a new car for their D-1 Grand Prix campaign, and it will feature the members of the Angler Fish Team as race queens and will also be featured in the decals of the car. The Angler Fish Team will also be featured along with the Love Live! school idols in various promotional illustrations for the race team.


Like last year, the collaboration aims to get the attention of anime fans and get them interested in racing. With the collaboration being renewed, expect even more anime fans to follow Pacific Racing’s exploits in both the Super GT and the D-1 Grand Prix. During the last race season, Pacific Racing used the NAC Love Live! 86 with BRIDE FALKEN for their D-1 campaign while the Love Live! Porche with DR was used for their Super GT campaign. Dengeki G’s Magazine, Lantis, and Sunrise, will also be part of the collaboration.

Both the Angler Fish Team drift car and μ’s drift car will be drifting in the D-1 Grand Prix circuit, which is recognized as one of the premiere drifting circuits in the world. Both the Love Live! and Girls und Panzer cars will begin their campaign on 18 April as the D-1 Grand Prix kicks off from Odaiba, Tokyo.

Source: Akiba Souken