In Shirobako, it ain’t a secret that main character Aoi Miyamori just looooooooooooooves her donuts, especially the ones from Pekka Donuts. Just like the Crabby Patties from Spongebob Squarepants, people have been wondering what the heck do these donuts taste like?


Well, some people just got their answer as a local donut shop in Japan called Bakery Cafe Crown Musashi-Sakai ( ベーカリー・カフェ・クラウン 武蔵境店) has served these Shirobako donuts to some of their customers, and I am willing to bet that Aoi is just jumping for joy.


These special Shirobako donuts, which were sold for 1,000 yen per bag, came with 5 different donuts (could it be that it’s one for Aoi, one for Ema, one for Misa, one for Shizuka, and one for Diesel-san… I mean Midori?). These donuts are served in a special Pekka Donut bag, which is similar to the ones in the anime. A special Shirobako clear file was also given away to those customers who purchased them.

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The cafe has even taken a Shirobako theme to go with their donuts. Outside the cafe, the five heroines were also featured in flags advertising the collaboration.

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Now, this might certainly make you crave for a dozen, right? Now let’s go Don-don-donuts!

Source: Shirobako official website via Yaraon!