During the Dengeki Bunko Spring Festival’s Strike the Blood live stage event yesterday, it was announced that the vampire fantasy anime, Strike the Blood, will be getting itself a new 2-part Original Video Animation (OVA).


These new OVAs will feature a new story and will take place after the events of the anime. They will be written by none other than Gakuto Mikumo, the very writer who created the original light novel series the anime is based on. The reveal promo for the new OVAs has also been streamed during a recent Nico Nico live streaming event in conjunction to the Dengeki Bunko Spring Festival.

More announcements on these new OVAs will be made in days to come.

Strike the Blood follows Akatsuki Toujo, an ordinary boy who suddenly becomes one of the four most powerful vampires on Earth. Because of this, a mysterious organization has sent in Yukina Himeragi, who must not only guard Toujo, but keep an eye on him as well. “No Senpai, this is our fight!”

Source: Dengeki Online