After leaving fans hanging at the end of episode 11 and its final episode still about to air, it was confirmed that the ecchi-fantasy anime, The Testament of Sister New Devil (Shinmai Maou no Testament), will be continuing this October 2015 as part of the Autumn 2015 season, and this second part will be titled The Testament of Sister New Devil BURST.


The first season introduced us to a seemingly-normal boy named Basara Toujou, who suddenly gets two “little sisters” named Mio and Maria. However, it turns out that Mio is a devil and candidate to become a maou or demon king while Maria is a succubus. To make matters worse, Basara is forced into a master-servant pact with Mio, but it gets reversed somehow and Basara ends up being the master and Mio is the servant. And to further complicate things, Basara’s childhood friend, Yuki, shows up and she’s not very approving of his two new “little sisters”

The anime stars newcomer Ayaka Asai as Mio Naruse, while Kaori Fukuhara (Lucky Star’s Tsukasa Hiiragi) voices loli succubus Maria. Half-Japanese seiyuu, Sarah Emi Bridcutt (Isuca’s Kanae), voices Yuki Nonoka while Basara is voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura (Fairy Tail’s Gray Fullbuster). More announcements about the new season will be made in the future.

Source: Dengeki Online