Today is 14 March, in other words, today is White Day, the day when the tables are turned and it is the GUYS who give chocolates or flowers to the girls they like or pay back the ones they have received in Valentine’s Day. And to celebrate the occasion, the anime studio responsible for Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014), the God Eater anime, and Tales of Xillia, has released new White Day images featuring their characters.


These illustrations will not only be featured in ufotable’s official website, but also their twitter page, their various ufotable cafes, and their online store. These illustrations will also be featured in several wall scrolls, posters, and White Day Cards. They will be available not only in their webstore, but also their cafes.


For the Fate series, Shiro Emiya is joined by his Holy Grail War predecessors complete with some flowers. Oddly enough, Kayneth, the master of the Zero Lancer, seems likable. Well, I guess we will also be expecting some squeeing fangirls with his servant holding a bouquet, and we can’t blame them, that mole of his is magical…

goods_sn goods_zero

The studio is also responsible for animating the OPs for both God Eater 2: Rage Burst and Tales of Xillia, so they also featured them for their White Day promo.

goods_ge goods_tox

The webshop will be selling the White Day goodies starting the day after White Day, 15 March until 25 March. The ufotable Cafe’s White Day celebrations will also be starting on the 15th and will end on 22 March.