One of the most innocent yet darkest series in the entire Gundam franchise, Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, finally gets its Blu-ray box set, however, its creator and director, the legendary Yoshiyuki Tomino, has a few not-so-kind words about the release.


In a statement on the Blu-ray release’s official website, he asked fans to look for “what is bad” about Victory, and stated in his opening sentence that the anime is “all negative”. He then warned the people that if they did make the “mistake” of buying the Blu-ray set, they could find what is wrong with the series. This “warning” by the the legendary anime director is not the first as for Victory Gundam’s limited edition DVD release, Director Tomino infamously said “This DVD should not be bought as it is not intended to be seen!!”


Victory is considered to be the most depressing anime in the entire Gundam franchise (and that is saying a lot) due to the fact that at least one character is killed every episode. This series exemplifies Tomino’s infamous nickname, “Kill’em All Tomino” because of the body count in this series is really that high.

The series has a very dark tone, no thanks to it being made during a period when Tomino was depressed; Wanting to destroy the Gundam franchise altogether by making fans hate Victory Gundam. Of course, with Gundam still being one of the most recognized franchises in anime today, that plan did not work. Currently, Tomino has already gotten over his depression and is now back and directing Reconguista in G.


The special limited edition Blu-ray boxes will be released in two parts, with the first set being released on 24 July and the second set being released on 25 September. The first set will include the first 25 episodes while the second set will have the latter 24. Both volumes will come in special boxes illustrated by the anime’s mecha designer, Hajime Katoki, and feature the creditless OPs and EDs as well as an audio commentary by the staff. Both releases will cost 34,000 yen.


So would you heed Tomino’s new warning? Or would you still be interested in buying it?

Just be warned though, do not get overly attached to any of the characters because this is like the anime equivalent of Game of Thrones where “anyone can die.”