The official twitter page for Nisekoi has announced the new OP song for the second season, Nisekoi:, will be performed by none other than LiSA, and her new upcoming single, Rally Go Round, will be that song.


LiSA also took to twitter and posted an announcement. She also posted an image of seven Nisekoi manga volumes.


Rally Go Round will be her 8th single to date and it will be released on 27 May 2015. The song will also be available digitally to countries outside of Japan on the same date. The new visual for the song has also been released.


The song’s lyrics are co-written by LiSA herself, along with Shin Furuya, while the music itself was composed by none other than Mekaku City Actors original creator and well-known Vocaloid song producer, JIN.

The first two OP songs for Nisekoi, “Click” and “Step”, were performed by the original duo which comprised ClariS, Clara and Alice. This would make LiSA the be the first artiste that is not part of ClariS to perform a Nisekoi OP song.