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“Wake Up, Girls” will be having their second live tour, 「Ittari Kitari Shite Gomenne!」 starting of July this year. The tour was announced during the “Wake Up, Girls” Seiyuu’s solo events last weekend. The tour will be based in 4 locations: Osaka, Fukuoka, Chiba and Sendai and will have a total of eight performances.

Fans are hoping for a more exciting live tour compared to the 1st Live Tour that happened last year. Also an addition of their new character songs and also the album release, there will be a bigger set list of songs for the fans to look forward to during the second live.
wug tour

“Wake Up, Girls!” is an anime about a tiny production company based in Sendai, Green Leaves Entertainment, on a verge of going out of business. The company last desperate actions to scout out seven girls to form an new idol unit, hoping to save itself by using this unit to take over another established idol unit, the I-1 club.

The story is about these seven girls overcoming their respective weak points and their pasts, undergoing intensive dance lessons in order to be recognised as the best idol unit.

Source: [twitter.com/wakeupgirls_PR]