So we’ve looked at the heroic ninjas who have fought to save there village and become idolised in the cosplay world. Now let’s take a look at the villains who give us a reason to watch the anime in the first place. These character designs can be normal humans to something out of this world.


I thought I would start with the most mortal looking evil doer for the series: Uchiha Sasuke.

This cosplay is on point with simple outfit but all the attention on the face he even has the slight eye bags showing Cosplay by Zettai-Cosplay –

Zabuza Momochi by kingrockzxc


There is something really romantic and sinister in this photo  of Zabuza Momochi by kingrockzxc – the composition is just imaculate – could almost be a screenshot froma  Live Action Movie.

Kakuzu by Kim Nguyen 2


Loving the goo coming out of Kakuzu by Miss Sinister I could even tell it was a woman the cosplay is so convincing! Great use of shadow and light from photographer Kim Nguyxn.

Ootsutsuki Kaguya cosplay by IzunaUchihaClan

I had to sneak a female demon – a Inu one no less, the Ootsutsuki Kaguya cosplay is rare to find but found a great set by by IzunaUay

Obito juubi cosplay by Guilcosplay

It’s surprising the different variations of Obito-Juubi, I liked the gradual transition on the body paint and really melancholy facial expression by guilcosplay.


Zetsu by Akatsuki -plant

Wow this Zetsu Akatsuki would make an excellent photobomber, I wonder if this cosplay was comfortable for zackary to wear.

There are no words for how perfect this Orochimaru is, he get’s two photos posted up because he has two snakes. I searched high and low and I tracked down his Livejournal, I believe his alias is Змееуст and he resides in Russia.