©AFA2014 / hajime kamiiisaka

FLOW, comprising of members,   KEIGO (Vocals),  KOHSHI  (Vocals), TAKE  (Guitar),  GOT’S  (Bass) and IWASAKI (Drums) have been entertaining audiences since their début in 1998.  Most of us probably came to know about FLOW at the time when their music was used for the Naruto’s opening theme back in 2004.  “Go!!!” opened many doors for them into the anime industry and soon they were involved in singing more anisong tunes, releasing back to back tunes for “Eureka Seven”, “Code Geass”, “Naruto Shippuden” , “Heroman” and many others.

FLOW took to the stage their electrifying, high-adrenaline music when they were in Singapore for AFA 2014’s I Love Anisong Sunday night concert. The audience were delighted and surprised by the dancing performance of PCF as the band sang “Aiaiai ni Utarete Byebyebye“.  FLOW was also thrilled to have PCF  as a guest performer for the song.  FLOW continued to rock on and wowed the crowd, ending their 2014 I Love Anisong performance with a rendition of “Go!!!”. Truly it was a one hell of a night.

©AFA2014 / hajime kamiiisaka

We saw another side of FLOW during the media session event. It’s not all work for these guys, they too have some fun along the way.  When quizzed what’s their favorite anime series, TAKE cheekily answered “Nanatsu no Taizai” to which KEIGO interjected “It’s showing right now!” ( FLOW collaborated with GRANRODEO and sang the first ED theme for Nanatsu no Taizai ). But kidding aside, TAKE was saying that growing up he was into reading Weekly Shounen Jump that naturally Slam Dunk , Dragon ball and Saint Seiya came out, he truly enjoyed watching these shows. Having been born in the same era, KEIGO also said that he was into these series but it was Code Geass that had an impact on him. IWASAKI has been following Detective Conan for 15 years while GOT’S said it was Space Brothers.  KOHSHI, on the other hand, was quick to answer Naruto.  He was sad that the series had ended but was thankful for the opportunities Naruto gave to them. It was Naruto that gave FLOW its popularity overseas, at the same time, it had opened a window of opportunities for them to do other song titles.  KOHSHI then shared that given the chance to be an anime character for a day, he wants to be Shinji Ikari from Evangelion. He wants to disappear since there were a lot of nuisances around.   KEIGO, being a fan of football, wants to become Captain Tsubasa for a day so that he can perform Tsubasa’s signature shoot, Drive Shoot.  IWASAKI wants to become a robot – a Getter Robo. GOT’S came up with an interesting answer. He wants to be Nobita for a day only if Doraemon is with him. He will be bullied otherwise!

On working with GRANRODEO , it proved to be an eye opening experience for the guys. KISHOW and e-zuka were down-to-earth individuals that the tension and nervousness FLOW felt, all went away. They sat down together to work on the music and had fun. They truly enjoyed their collaboration with GRANRODEO, that given another chance, they’ll want to perform with them again.


While on the subject of Nanatsu no Taizai ( 7 Deadly Sins), the guys were asked which among the 7 deadly sins they were most guilty of. Because TAKE was fond of eating, he answered Gluttony. KOHSHI unabashedly answered Lust. KEIGO felt that there were a lot of people better than him and felt jealousy, he answered Envy. GOT’S answered Wrath for he feels that he gets easily angered, and IWASAKI answered Greed, he was thirsting for Love.earing up for 2015, FLOW announced a new compilation album, FLOW ANIME BEST 極, at the start of the year. This year,  FLOW has come to realize their lifelong dream of performing one man live overseas. 2015 marks their 13th year in the biz and what better way to celebrate it than to have a world tour.

We can only wish FLOW all the best and continued success and pray that they include Singapore in their overseas live concert!

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