Kyoukai no Kanata: The Movie~I’ll be here, will be released in two parts, with the first installment airing in cinemas across Japan from 14 March 2015. The first installment will mostly be a recap of events in the anime, and the second installment will tell the story of what happened 1 year after where the anime left off, and will start playing in Japan on 25 April 2015.


A movie premiere was held on 14 March 2015, where the cast of Kyoukai no Kanata appeared to deliver their greetings. The cast members who attended were Risa Taneda (as Mirai Kuriyama), KENN (Akihito Kanbara), Minori Chihara (Mitsuki Nase), Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Hiroomi Nase), and Yuri Yamaoka (as Ai Shindo, who also hosted the event). The director of the series, and movie, Taichi Ishidate, was present at the premiere as well.


The cast began the stage greeting by reciting famous lines from their respective characters. Director, Ishidate Taichi, said that due to the complicated storyline of the anime, working on the anime again with the cast after a gap of 1 year a 3 months made him feel a greater sense of completion. While such serious dialogue was going on, KENN poked fun at Risa Taneda’s glasses, which made the audience burst out with laughter. The recording for the second installment had just ended, and Director, Ishidate Taichi, said that the staff involved in this movie worked towards making the movie be full of hope. This series was suitable to be made into a movie a as it has many cool fighting scenes and sound effects, said Risa Taneda. “Creating the perfect sound was a very important part of this movie,” says Tatsuhisa Suzuki. “The dance segment of the movie was really difficult to create, and we did a lot of cuts on it,” laughed director Ishidate.

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The stage greeting soon came to a close, with the cast members and director each delivering their closing speech.

From left: Yuri Yamaoka, Minori Chihara, Taneda Risa, KENN, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Taichi Ishidate


Risa Taneda: Kyoukai no kanata: The movie, is the first movie where I play the main character, and I am very happy that this series was made into a movie. The first installment will recap the contents of the anime, and the second installment has really interesting contents as well, so do support this movie!

KENN: I’m glad that all has gone well and the movie is finally being aired. I’m sure that everyone has enjoyed this anime through different media, but anime movies are very special to me. Watching the first installment of the movie will definitely bring a different kind of enjoyment, and the second installment is great as well, so I hope you all look forward to it.

Minori Chihara: It is my privilege to be able to perform the theme song for the first movie. Also, I really cried a lot after reading the script, and I feel that it is a really good love story. I hope you will all watch it!

Tatsuhisa Suzuki: The second installment will really exceed your expectations, but of course please watch the first installment as well!

Yuri Yamaoka: It’s the first time that I am hosting an event like this, so thank you all for watching! The Blu-ray and DVD of the anime movie will be on sale at the cinemas so please buy it! Please look forward to the second installment as well.

Taichi Ishidate: The staff are all working hard and giving our best to produce the second installment of the movie so that everyone will enjoy it. Please look forward to that as well.

More information about the Kyoukai no Kanata movie can be found on their official website.



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