Kantai Collection is without a doubt one of Japan’s most successful PC browser games to date, and it has gotten so popular that it has not only taken over TV with its new anime series, but it is also set to take over PS Vita consoles and arcades. However, it seems that the PS Vita version will be coming a bit later than expected.


The PlayStation Vita port is an updated version of the original PC game and is titled Kantai Collection Kai. It was originally set for release this May 2015, however, thanks to some delays, the release date has now been pushed back to 27 Aug 2015. Well, I guess that would be better than getting a sub-par version, right?

The PS vita version will have an updated interface and will feature new graphics that are not be available for the original PC version. It will be released in both standard and limited editions with the standard edition costing 5,800 yen and the limited edition costing 9,800 yen. Details on the limited edition release will be announced in the pages of Dengeki PlayStation magazine’s issue #587, which will be released in Japan this 26 March 2015.

Source: Dengeki Online