As part of his 10th anniversary as a light novel author, To Aru series creator, Kazuma Kamachi is getting one of his non-To Aru works animated, and that series is Heavy Object. To tease fans even further, the official website of the Kazuma Kamachi 10th Anniversary has revealed the anime’s new key visual image


The website also announced the anime’s staff and cast with Shakugan no Shana’s Takashi Watanabe helming the series as director, and Little Busters! Refrain’s Chikara Sakurai joining as assistant director. They will be directing the anime over at J.C. Staff, which also produced the animation for Kamachi’s Index and Railgun series. Sanzigen will be responsible for the anime’s 3D sequences while Strike the Blood’s Hiroyuki Yoshino will be responsible for series composition. Tokyo Ravens character designer, Atsuko Watanabe meanwhile will be responsible for the character designs.

Natsuki Hanae (Aldnoah.Zero’s Inaho Kaizuka) will voice Quenser while Eri Suzuki (Invaders of the Ryokojouma’s Sanae Higashihongan) will be voicing Milinda Blantini. Shizuka Itou (Hayate the Combat Butler!’s Hinagiku Katsura) will voice Major Floretia Capistrano while Kaito Ishikawa (Haikyuu!!’s Tobio Kageyama) will voice Heivia.

The website also announced that the anime will be premiering in Oct 2015 during the autumn anime season.

The light novel series written by Kamachi and illustrated by Ryou Nagi is set in a war-torn future where a weapon known as “Object” has changed the very face of warfare. It follows a boy named Quanser who meets a girl known as an “Elite”, who happens to be the pilot of “Object”. Her name is Milinda, and together with soldier-in-training Heivia, they embark on a new adventure.