Happy Friday! It’s finally the weekend, well done everyone! Today, feeling that I should enjoy something a little different for lunch today, I made my way over to my favorite dining place in Akihabara, Gundam Cafe! Today’s meal isn’t three times faster, but its still a Char’s Custom in some other way! Behold, the Hyaku Shiki Omelette Rice!


This meal is meant to signify the Hyaku Shiki of course, the mobile suit mainly used by Char Aznable in the Gryps Conflict in Zeta Gundam under the alias Quattro Bajeena. Its a omelette rice with the Hyaku Shiki’s signature sign on the omelette, topped with demi-glace sauce in a nice reddish tone, similar to his previous red mobile suits! It’s a pretty filling and delicious meal if you ever have the time to go to Gundam Cafe!