Hello everyone! I hope you will have a great Sunday and a have had a meaningful weekend. There has been lots of events going on around Asia and overseas, I wonder if you guys attended some of them? I personally made my way to Comiket Special on Saturday, I’ll have a preview coming up soon enough! Anyways, here’s what’s interesting around Akihabara this weekend.


Famous for his work in Metal Gear Solid, Ghost in the Shell and Fate/Zero, this is Akio Ohtsuka. He personally penned this book titled Seiyuu Soul with the caption: “I’ll stop being just a Seiyuu”. I was only recently told of this book by a friend and am very intrigued by the caption. As someone who loves seiyuus and hoping to become one, this feels like something worth reading. There will also be a talk show and sign session next month which I’m really looking forward to!

Are you interested in reading a book by a seiyuu talking about the seiyuu industry and more?