Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Today is Tuesday, and it also marks the end of March! Tomorrow begins April and the start of the financial year for most countries. It is also the time where sakura is blooming all over Japan as well which you can see in yesterday’s Hige’s Akiba post! Now let’s get down to business!


Releasing tomorrow, or well Today as you can see in Animate Akihabara, is Oldcodex’s 3rd mini album, pledge! This CD+DVD release consist of 6 tracks, the MV for “Eyes in chase” and the making of video for the MV itself! Animate is also giving away a B2 poster for every copy purchased and a lottery ticket to win a signed poster of the members. For those who have attended the Lantis Matsuri earlier this weekend in Singapore and have become fans of Oldcodex, I’m sure you’ll want to pick this album up. I am very tempted to pick it up myself!