The MV for Moso Calibration’s latest single, Mahou no Juice, which is to be released on 4 Apr 2015 has been revealed. This MV features a collaboration with a type of wearable device, “Hikaru Skirt”. All six members wore the skirt with lights of their own colours throughout the MV.

Did you spot anything familiar in the MV? If you think you spotted Akihabara, then you’re right! Half of the MV was shot in Akihabara while the other half was shot in a green-screen studio featuring various CG added as the background.

Shot in the streets of Akihabara
Featuring iconic shops in Akihabara
Segments shot in studio
Moso Calibration. Segments shot in studio with CG background.
Scenes shot in absolute darkness, featuring the Hikaru Skirt.
How can one forget about Game Centers!

The “Hikaru Skirt” is a great idea for an idol group’s costume don’t you agree?

Mahou no Juice is the group’s seventh single, and the second single with the group’s two new members.

What is “Hikaru Skirt”?

“Hikaru Skirt” is the creation of an engineer called Kiyoyuki Amano and was first announced in 2014. The aim of the skirt was to showcase the “Zettai Ryouiki” with LED lights installed on the inside of skirts. You can see initial versions of the skirt on the official website. This time round marks the third upgrade of this wearable device. The upgrade introduces a new function, the lights flashes synchronises with the song according to data from an analysis of the song sent wirelessly to the skirts. Didn’t notice it? Watch the MV again!

Compared to previous versions of the skirt which only has lights in the inner facing side of the skirt, the current version has external facing lights as well. The brightness of the inner facing lights has also been increased.

Who is “Moso Calibration”?


Moso Calibration is a six member idol group formed in March 2013 from Dear Stage, making them the sister group of Dempagumi.inc. Till date, they have released a total of one album and six singles with a seventh coming up next month. They have also held two one-man lives with a third one coming up in May, tickets sales are still open. They have a regular show every fortnight on Showroom-Live. The girls have also appeared in a TV Drama and a movie, Inagawa Kaidan Kataribe. Currently they are actively participating in tons of idol lives with other idol groups, there is a few every month so if you happen to be in Tokyo, drop by and check them out. If you’re in Tokyo and want to try something new head to Akihabara Dear Stage, you just might bump into one of the members working there.

Current Members

Former Members

  • Emiri Ichinose (一之瀬えみり)
  • Myuna Shindo (神堂未祐奈) – Light Blue

Check out their sixth single below.



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