FujiTV’s Mezamashi TV program has announced that some of the idols from AKB48’s “rival group”, NOGIZAKA46, will be starring in a new stage play, and it will be based on the popular comedy anime, Joshiraku.


The announcement stated that fans will be the ones to decide who will be playing who for the play. Joshiraku has gotten quite the cult following in Japan for all its humor and its fans, as well as the NOGIZAKA46 fans, get the power to choose which idol will be playing which character.


The idol group will be holding “public auditions” for the play on March 29, and from there, fans get to choose from 15 people on who gets the partsThe play will be shown at the Aiia Theater in Tokyo from 18 – 28 June 2015.


The anime, based on the bestselling manga by Kouji Kumeta, often features hilarious and often sarcastic conversations, and capturing those conversations can pose a bit of a challenge as comedy would often require proper timing to successfully pull off.

joshiraku-01-kigurumi-tetora-marii-kukuru-gankyou-rakugo_artists-kimono-comedy 500px-NogiJan15

The gag anime and manga follows the everyday lives of the five female Rakugo comedians, Marii Buratei, Kigurumi Haroukitei, Tetora Bouhatei, Gankyō Kuurubiyuutei, and Kukuru Anrakutei. All five main characters’ names are actually puns of something funny.


Source: Hachimakikou