Good day! Welcome to the first weelday edition of Hige’s Akiba in March.

Just yesterday on a cold Sunday midday, the 5pb Matsuri took place at the Akihabara Belle Salle first floor. It was filled with all sorts of new and recently released games from 5pb!


There were quite a few stage events for upcoming titles as well. I was particularly interested in the 3DS port of Corpse Party: Blood Covered Repeated Fear. Also seiyuu Rina Satou and Asami Imai took to the stage along with Makoto Kedouin, story writer for the games. It was good to see both Imai and Kedouin again as they announced the live action version of Corpse Party.

A secret mini stage announcing the release date of the new Xbox One Psycho Pass: Happiness Without Choice game was shown with special guest Shinichiro Miki. Its a shame I couldn’t take pictures because Miki looked really good in a suit.