Welcome to the Tuesday edition of Hige’s Akiba! Today we have an interesting picture to share.

As I was walking around Rashinban with friends we noticed an interesting election of sorts. At the wall nearest to the cashier counters there seems to be an Idolm@aster Cinderella Girls election where fans can vote for their favorite idol after purchasing the relevant goods. Which Idol took first place?!


Unsurprisingly, first place goes to our favorite Producer affectionately known as TakeP. His points are so high he’s in a class of his own haha! Idols however, Rin Shibuya is in first place and Anzu Futaba is in second place. Well i’m glad my favorite is in first for now、excluding TakeP of course.

Who would you like to see in first place? Aside from Rin Shibuya i’d like to see Anastasia up there!