Good evening Ladies and Gents, it’s the Wednesday edition of Hige’s Akiba! Persevere a little longer because it’s almost Friday! Let’s get into the meat of things.


I happened to chance upon a bunch of friends and a fellow writer while roaming around Akihabara, and we went to the Animax cafe! They were having an event going on where if you buy certain event menu items, you will get a coaster among a random mix of 8 singers/seiyuus. I bought the Nobuhiko Okamoto chocolate drink and turns out, I got a Nobuhiko Okamoto signed coaster, lucky! (And yes, chocolate is good for the body!)


If you happen to be in Akihabara during this period until 22nd March, definitely check out the Animax cafe. They have live performances every other hour as well, and the staff are really talented to boot!