Its the first weekend of March, and the weekend edition of Hige’s Akiba! I was strolling around town and there seems to be a manga launch event, something I don’t normally see. It seems to be the 3rd issue of the manga Killing Bites by the mangaka Kazuasa Sumita, who also made Witchblade Takeru. There were cosplayers going around Akihabara going promoting the new release!


There were five events taking place around some of the biggest bookstores around Akihabara like Animate, Gamers, Melonbooks, Tora no Ana and K-Books. They look pretty scary, and cute at the same time!


I was given a free sample issue to take a look as well, and it is pretty nice actually! Maybe I should give this manga a try. It only has three issues so far so I wouldn’t miss much if I start reading now! Or maybe its the cosplayers enticing me to read the manga haha! Cosplayers Rinoa Kanzaki and Yuriko Tiger also made appearances as part of the event!