Continuing on with the trend of interesting Itashas around Akihabara, I spotted yet another interesting Itasha around Akihabara. I seem to see quite a number of Love Live Itashas lately. Perhaps they are all from the same community? I wouldn’t be surprised if they were! Anyways, here’s the Itasha in question:


As you can tell, this car’s theme is centered around 2nd year student Kotori Minami, with the main visual having Kotori in a maid costume, being circled by feather. There’s quite a few plushies inside the car as well and various Sunrise, Lantis and Bushiroad logo all around the car too. My favorite part has to be the (・8・)ちゅんちゅん(・8・)at the top of the windscreen haha! I’m sure Kotori fans would enjoy this well made car!