Yokai Watch cat - Jibanyan
Yokai Watch cat – Jibanyan meets Hawaii’s Governer

If you don’t live in Japan or watch anime then you would be unaware of Yokai Watch, the top sensation that has been rivaling ever popular Pokemon franchise.

Yokai Watch is an anime about a boy who likes nature and through curiosity comes across a abandoned Gatchapon machine which is inhabited by ghost aka Yokai. Upon using the machine he unleashes pure evil…or what they try to be. The ghosts cling to him and make his life that much more exciting in helping him to gain courage to tell his crush his feelings for her.

Being British, I encountered Yokai Watch almost immediately released to the UK with viral images, items to buy after Japanese release it was a insanely popular show probably down to the super cute demon Jibanyan – an orange cat spectre.

Recently, Jibanyan made a trip to visit  the governor of Hawaii for a promotional campaign to encourage Japanese kids to visit Hawaii in holidays. Jibanyan has actually been appointed as the Kids’ Ambassador for Tourism to Hawaii, Jibanyan’s first duty was a meet and greet with Hawaiian governor David Ige, who is of Japanese descent. Mr. Ige was reported saying: “I am very happy to have Jibanyan, who is so popular with the children of Japan, perform promotional duties for tourism to Hawaii. It is my hope that through Jibanyan they will come to learn about Hawaii and, hopefully, visit Hawaii themselves some day.”