There is no doubt that Ayumi Hamasaki remains one of the biggest names in the Asian music scene, and for the newly released jacket design for her upcoming album titled “A One”, she reminds fans of her earliest days an as artiste.


Slated for release on 8 April 2015, the album will be released in three different versions – the standard edition, the CD + DVD edition, and the CD + Blu-ray edition. The album will include “The Gift”, which was  composed by Singaporean singer-songwriter JJ Lin. The PV for “The Gift” also features a special appearance by JJ Lin, who traveled specially Japan for the recording. Ayumi Hamasaki had nothing but compliments for JJ, and considers the song to be a beautiful gift from the talented songwriter.

“The music video really matches the atmosphere JJ created, one that expresses the “purity” of the concept in its entirety. I’m really happy to have collaborated with JJ on both the song and music video.”

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Despite his newly-crowned status as one of the four kings of Mandopop, JJ Lin also had for effusive praise for Ayumi Hamasaki, as a singer he has admired for a long time.

Before actually meeting Ayu, to me she was Asia’s J-pop queen. For someone who has challenged various song genres, this song is a ‘GIFT’ to her, as well as a ‘GIFT’ to her fans.”

The music video for “The Gift” has also been officially released, and it features two of Asia’s biggest stars

A ONE standard edition will cost 3,000 yen and will contain 11 songs

01. a Bell
04. Anything for You
05. Last minute
06. Zutto…
07. Out of control
08. Story
09. The GIFT
10. The Show Must Go On
11. Walk

The CD + DVD edition will cost 3,800 yen while the CD + Blu-ray edition will cost 4,200 yen. Both will include the standard edition’s 11 songs plus the following video clips:

Zutto… (video clip)
Last minute (video clip)
The GIFT (video clip)
WARNING (video clip)
Zutto… (making clip)
Last minute (making clip)
The GIFT (making clip)
WARNING (making clip)

Scheduled for 8 videos total

Finally, the Ayumi Hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2014-2015 A Cirque de Minuit ~真夜中のサーカス~ will be released the same day the the new A ONE album with the DVD edition costing 5,800 yen and the Blu-ray edition costing 6,800 yen. It will include 21 songs, and they are:

01. Duty
02. Microphone
03. Energy Blasts
04. GAME
05. my name’s WOMEN
06. 1 LOVE
07. End roll
08. Zutto…
09. Last minute
10. Tears
11. Walk
12. forgiveness
13. progress
14. SURREAL evolution SURREAL
15. NOW & 4EVA
16. Movin’ on without you
17. XOXO
18. Lelio
19. Boys & Girls
20. how beautiful you are
21. Born To Be…