Updated: The group removed the stickers from their single’s cover art to reveal the face but not their names, and release the full PV for their debut song.
Their official website has also been update to http://www.5572320.jp/


Eight middle school (junior high school) students will be making their making their musical début, and these girls are ready to rock out Japan (and hopefully the world) very soon. These eight mystery girls form the all-girl rock band is called 5572320 (pronounced as go nana ni san ni rei) and they seemingly just appeared out of nowhere with this hit music video

Yeah, those are just middle schoolers rocking out the song titled “Hanseiki Yuutousei” (半世紀優等生 which literally means Half a Century Honor Student), their début single to be released on 25 March under Sony Music.


In their début single, they showed just what they are made of with their aggressive and provocative performance to express their complex which is peculiar to the teenager and desire self-transformation through irregular instrumental composition of 5 guitars and 3 drums.

Since they are still in middle school, their identities have been kept a secret, and for their first music video, their eyes were all covered with long bangs to keep their “secret identities.”

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The band has also their very own official website, which not only shows the music video for their début single, but also introduces everyone to what 5572320 is all about, which is their unorthodox music style and their skill which is a whole lot better than your typical middle school students.