Ever wonder what it would be like to take a selfie with your favorite anime characters? Now, thanks to Casio, you can take them with with their new Yowamushi Pedal Exilim cameras.


These cameras are engraved with the competing schools featured in the anime – Sohoku, Kyoto Fushimi, Hakone Academy, and Hiroshima Kureminami Tech. It also features a 20.1 megapixel CCD sensor and a 6x 26-156 mm zoom lens.


These Yowamushi Pedal Exilim cameras also have a feature which allows you to edit pictures and insert your favorite Yowamushi Pedal characters, such as Todou, Makishima, or Manami, so that it would look like that you have taken a picture with them. You can also use the editing feature to create a few comedic scenes with them, like trying to work out with Hakone’s “abs guy”, Izumida.


Scheduled for release around Mid-May 2015, these cameras are priced at 27,000 yen (approximately 225 USD or 310 SGD). Those who will purchase these cameras also have an option to pay an additional 3,000 yen (approximately 25 USD or 35 SGD) to get a special Yowamushi Pedal camera pouches with straps featuring Sohoku’s rival schools, Hakone Academy, Kyoto Fushimi, and Hiroshima Kureminami Tech.


So whether you want to ride with Imaizumi, Makishima, and the scrappy Sohoku team or the reigning champs, Hakone Academy, or the villainous Kyoto Fushimi, you will truly enjoy this new camera.

Source: Comic Natalie