Today’s review is about Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Kurumi Tosaki! This character hails from the popular series Date A Live, whereby the male protagonist Shido Itsuka is tasked by an organization named – to seal the powers of beings called Spirits that wreck despair and destruction upon Earth. Kurumi is known to be an elusive and maddening Spirit that takes great delight in teasing Shido.

Within the box, there are three kinds of facial expressions to choose from: Her default regular smiling expression, to her lofty and haughty guise, and lastly her frenzied look. There are several joints that you can choose from to customize her poses to your liking. A few such examples are Kurumi placing her hands on her waist as shown on the Nendoroid box, her battle stance and another where she coquettishly places a finger to her lips.

Not only does she have various unique poses, Nendoroid Kurumi also has tons of factors that sets her apart from other Nendoroids. Firstly, the details in that the Astral Dress and headgear is tremendous. From the straps of her boots to the ribbons on her headgear, you can’t help but feel awe at the effort that went into making her. Furthermore, the effect that the transparent edges of the dress gives off is quite marvelous.

Last but not least is her beautiful hetero-chromatic eyes. The golden “time” eye is extremely detailed to the point where one can see the hands of the clock! Her “maddening” look especially really brings back to the scenes of Kurumi taunting her opponents and sending them into a frenzy!

Kurumi’s gun Zafkiel is also included in the set. Unfortunately the guns are stuck together with a set of her hands, but despite that the details too are very intricate.

In addition, there is a Zafkiel form stand that also serves as an effect part. Zafkiel’s form is that of a roman clock, whereby each hand represents the different types of bullets Kurumi uses.

On top of that, there is a stand provided to support it. The part really does give out the vibe of Kurumi utilizing Zafkiel’s power! Doesn’t she look rather sinister?

Hopefully in the near future, there will be more Nendoroids from the series Date A Live! You can now however, order Kotori Itsuka in her Astral Dress form right now! More information about the Kurumi nendoroid and Kotori are as of below :

Good Smile Company Kurumi Tokisaki

Good Smile Company Kotori Itsuka