Yamcha has been quite infamous for being the “weakest” of the Z Fighters and has often been the butt of the joke in many internet memes. This is mostly because of his infamous death scene in the form of a suicide attack from a Saibaman making him the first casualty in the fight against Vegeta and Napa.


Now, Bandai Premium has recreated that very infamous death with a new figure, and it features Yamcha lying dead on the ground. Get ready for even more memes!


Made of PVC and measuring in at approximately 120mm, this figure called Hayakukoi Gokuh Yamcha, is expected to be released by August 2015. A Bandai Premium exclusive, pre-orders for this figure have already opened and will close on 29 May 2015 and will cost 3,456 yen. Sadly, it will not come with its own crater, however, as Bandai Premium presents it, you can still have lots of fun with this figure…

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Well, if you lose to a creature which was defeated by Tienshinhan and Krillin with little effort, I guess you won’t be able to catch a break, huh? The poor guy… Well, at least we can expect a few more memes from this one…

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