5pb.’s Science Adventure game series have turned out to be quite successful as far as anime adaptations are concerned, in particular Steins; Gate. Recently it was announced that their fourth Science Adventure game, Chaos; Child, will be following in the footsteps of the three games before it in getting its own anime adaptation.


Announced by MAGES. head Chiyomaru Shikura during the New Works Unveiling in TwitCast live streaming event, where he also announced the new Steins; Gate follow-up visual novel and anime, this new Chaos; Child anime will also be the fourth anime adaptation from the Science Adventure series following Chaos; Head, Steins; Gate, and Robotics; Notes. More details on this new anime adaptation will be made in the future, such as cast, staff, and release date.


Shikura also announced that Chaos; Child, which was originally released for the Xbox ONE last December in Japan, will also be getting PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita versions, and all of them will have their Japanese releases this 25 June 2015. Demo versions for all three platforms have also been announced as well as a limited edition “Present Box” which includes the drama CD titled Maniawanu Gusha no Bisui – Fools.

The drama CD stars Risa Taneda (Beyond the Boundary’s Mira Kuriyama) as Mio Kunosato, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Sword Art Online’s Kirito) as Takuru Miyashiro, Sumire Uesaka (Kantai Collection’s Fubuki) as Serika Onoe, Sarah Emi Bridcutt (Kantai Collection’s Yuubari) as Nono Kurusu, Suzuko Mimori (Love Live!’s Umi Sonoda) as Hinae Arimura, Sayaka Nakaya (former AKB48 member-turned seiyuu) as Hana Kazuki, Yuuki Fujiwara (Reborn!’s Belphegor) as Shinji Itou, and Wakako Matsumoto/ Kujira (Gintama’s Otose) as Katsuko Momose. The voice cast from this drama CD does not necessarily mean that they will retain their roles in the anime, however, it is still highly likely that they will return. I guess we will only find out once the anime’s official cast is announced.


Chaos; Child is set in October 2015 where Tokyo is still recovering after a strong earthquake hit Shibuya in 2009. With the city still in reconstruction, a new series of murders are occurring around Shibuya and has left the people in panic once again. Its story takes place six years after the events of Chaos; Head

Source: Dengeki Online